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  • Care Instruction
    Do not dry clean. Turn the garment inside out before washing. This protects the design from abrasions and damage as other items in the wash rub together during the cycle. Choose cold or warm water temperature settings for the wash. Use a mild detergent. We recommend that you stray from whiteners, bleach, fabric softeners, or any aggressive cleaning solutions. Dry on a low heat/tumble setting or hang dry. Do not iron directly on design. Doing so will never end well. The high heat will either melt or burn the design. Both will ruin the garment. If you absolutely must iron the garment, place a dish towel or cloth over the design and iron on a LOW heat setting. Please Follow The Care Instructions Carefully...Thank You
  • Where are you located? Is HistoricallyU a brick and mortar retail store?
    We are a webstore only with no retail store as of yet.
  • Does HistoricallyU send out tracking information when product is ordered?
    When you place an order with us, please be sure to add your email address to have your order's tracking number forwarded to you.
  • How can I place a group order for my organization?
    We can service any group order, pending the item of interest and its availability. Every group request is different, so please contact us.
  • Are you looking for ambassadors, models, or campus photographers? "
    Yes we are! We are always looking for campus ambassadors at schools and even alumni influencers. Please contact us with your bio, social media handles, and interest plan with HistoricallyU. We appreciate your interest in our brand!
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